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Commented Bible Passages

1 March

These Bible meditations are meant as a way of seeking God in silence and prayer in the midst of our daily life. During the course of a day, take a moment to read the (...)

USA: Visits in April 2015

26 February

Shortly after Easter, three brothers will return to the USA. The following events are already in the planning stages. As we have more information it will be added: (...)

Hong Kong: Prayers and meetings to "uncover the wellspring of trust in God"

23 February

Every year, Young people from Hong Kong are visiting Taize and also are attending the meetings in Europe and other continents. Back home, they gather to pray. Here (...)

Some Recent News

18 February

Some News In the Diary Echoes from the Meetings The Photo of the Moment Twitter [#newsart11985] on the theme of "A life which becomes a sign". ✅ In March one of (...)

UK: School & College Weeks 2015

11 February

School and 6th-form college groups with students in Years 10-13 are especially invited in June and July. Information for teachers and group organisers (updated (...)

News from the Small Provisional Communities

10 February

Up until summer 2015, small groups of young adults will be living for a few weeks in a neighbourhood or village to witness to the Gospel, while sharing the joys and (...)

Film: One Week in July

6 February

In July 2014, eight 16-18 year-olds from four UK schools recorded their week in Taizé. They filmed video diaries, interviews, and their experiences of meeting new (...)

News from Britain

4 February

In March 2015, one of the brothers of the Community will participate in the following prayers and gatherings Monday 2 March - Cambridge 9:00 pm prayer in the church (...)

UK: Weekend in Birmingham
7-8 March 2015

2 February

A brother of the Community will be in city-centre Birmingham in March for a weekend meeting similar in outline to the one held last year in Edinburgh. (This page (...)

Singapore: Regular prayers

26 January

The Armenian Church of St Gregory the Illuminator 60, Hill Street, Singapore 179366 Bimonthly on 2nd Saturdays of odd months at 8pm Contact: Benny Cahyadi, mobile (...)

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9 February 2015
Daily Bible Reading
Mon, 2 March
We now put all our heart into following you, God, and seeking your face. Rescue us in accordance with your wonderful deeds.
Daniel 3:41-43 (B:18-20)
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