In some countries registration for the meeting is handled by local contact points. Please do not use the registration link below if this is the case in your country, but follow the information given on the website in your language.

If you live in an English-speaking country, use the link below to enter the online registration form. The form is for use by both individuals and groups. It will no longer work after December 10th.

Register for the European Meeting >>> [https://register.taize.fr/entryPoint.xhtml?meeting=47&language=en]

If you’re planning to bring a group of young people to the meeting...

- Please fill out the form as soon as possible, even if you do not know exactly the exact size and details of your group. You will be able to give an estimate of the size of the group on the final page of the form.
- Once you have filled in the form you will receive a registration code which allows you to return to the registration and update the group’s details.
- We need to receive the final list of participants by 1 December.
- The person whose name and email address is given as “Contact Person” will receive all further information about the meeting. He or she is responsible for passing this information on to all the members of the group.

Before filling in the registration form, please read the practical information about the meeting.

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