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The European Meeting in Wrocław will take place from Saturday 28 December 2019 to Wednesday 1 January 2020.

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Coming early as a helper

So that everything runs smoothly, we need a good number of volunteer helpers to arrive on 26 December. You can help in various ways:
- welcoming people who arrive on 28 December;
- work teams (meal distribution, cleaning, preparing the places of prayer, etc.);
- supporting the organising group in a local church or other host centre;
- singing in the choir (please indicate on your registration).

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Those who arrive on the 26 December take part fully in the programme of the meeting from 28 December onwards.

N.B. Young adults arriving on 28 December can also help in work teams or the choir.


The European Meetings are for young adults between the ages of 17 and 35.

Young people under 18

Young people aged under 18 must bring parental authorisation. This form names a leader (who should be 18-35 years old) to be legally responsible for them during the meeting.

Please check whether authorisation is needed for leaving your home country as well.

16 year olds

16 year olds may also participate in the meeting, but they can only arrive on 28 December and must be accompanied by a leader between 18 and 35 years of age (one male leader for each two boys and one female leader for each two girls). These leaders remain with the 16-year-olds throughout the meeting and will be given accommodation in the same place.

Adults over 35 and families

European Meetings are not intended for adults over 35, unless they are leading a group of young people. Adults over 35 and families with children are warmly invited to come to Taizé itself instead. For information, please see these pages: meetings for adults and meetings for families.


Photo: Wiesia Klemens

Accommodation will be either with inhabitants of the city and surrounding region or in small group accommodation (i.e. in church halls, schools, etc.) Everyone must bring a camping mat and a sleeping bag. Young adults with disabilities should register by 1 November so that appropriate accommodation can be found.

If you have your own accommodation

In the spirit of the pilgrimage of trust we encourage you to let yourself be welcomed by the local residents, getting to know people that you do not know already. But if you have already organised your own accommodation during the meeting, it is essential that you include the address of where you are staying on the registration form. You should also still come to register at the arrival point to receive the programme, tickets, as well as to make your financial contribution. When you are there, explainin that you have your own accommodation. Your hosts should contact the nearest participating church and explain that you will take part there during the meeting.


Your contribution covers meals, local transport, the hire of the meeting places, equipment, and other costs of the meeting. The level of contribution varies according to the cost of living in different countries.

The requested contributions are:

UK and Ireland: €80 (young adults), €120 (adults over 35)
Other English-speaking countries: please contact us.

Young adults arriving on 26 December contribute the same amount. If older adults are leading a youth group, they can contribute the same amount as young adults.

How to make your contribution

Please give your contribution online by credit card through your registration form, several days in advance (for example just before Christmas). Please note that we cannot make refunds.

Journey and preparation

Plan to arrive on the morning of 28 December between 8 am and 12 noon, or before 3 pm on 26 December. We cannot welcome you on 25 or 27 December!
Departure on 1 January: groups leaving by coach should fix their departure time for 4pm or later.

Photo: Wiesia Klemens

Preparation material will be published on the Taizé website over the course of the next months.

On [] you will find news and photos of the preparation in various countries.


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