Cape Town 2019 - Local Preparation

Offering accommodation to participants

The central venue for the meeting will be in Rondebosch. If you live up to Table View / Dunoon (to the north), or to Khayelitsha (in the east) you can be a host during the meeting.

Can you welcome two or more young people in your home for the 4 nights of this meeting? Welcoming someone is not so difficult! The young adults (18 to 35 years old) are pilgrims, not tourists. They can easily sleep on the floor. It is a warm welcome that counts, not the level of comfort. They need only a simple breakfast (e.g. Weet-Bix) and will then leave the house for the whole day to take part in the programme, beginning with morning prayer (8 or 8:30am) in a local church. (If your own church is too far to walk to, either they walk to another participating church nearby or, if you prefer, you can transport them to your church.) The organisers provide lunch and supper at the central venue (Rondebosch). After evening prayer there, your guests will return home around 8:45pm. On the final day (Sunday), there will be time to share lunch with those whom you are welcoming, if this is possible for you.

Offer accommodation preferably through a local church which is participating in the meeting — or, if you do not know one, by filling in the online form below.

Printable (individual) form:

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Printable list (for use in churches:)

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Sample spreadsheet for use by the accommodation team:

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Online form

  • Contact

    • If you are a member of a local church, please say which one.

  • Guests

    • This number includes those who will sleep on the floor and/or in beds. Please note: we cannot send just one participant to a host, but 2 as a minimum.

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