Weekend of friendship between young Christians and Muslims

Workshop themes

5-8 July 2018, a second Weekend of friendship between young Christians and Muslims will be held in Taizé.

On this page the list of workshops for the weekend will be added to and updated as the weekend approaches. See also the Facebook event [https://www.facebook.com/events/213652096071419/].

• A spiritual journey: a Muslim and a Christian speak of their personal experience of the presence of God. Facilitated by Khaled Roumo, author and poet, with the participation of Professor Ousama Nabil, Al Azhar University (Egypt) and Sister Mariam An Nour, director of Mechref School and participant in Christian-Muslim dialogue in Lebanon.

• Seeking the fruits of Muslim-Christian spiritual dialogue. A meeting with Jean-Pierre Bacqué, leader of the the Week of Christian-Muslim Encounters in Europe, Radia Bakkouch, president of the association “Coexister” (France) et Zainab Chamoun, Adyan Foundation (Lebanon).

• Discovering Sufi Islam. With Abdelkrim Oussarra, vice-president of “Values and Muslim Spirituality” (France) and Abdelhafid Benchouk, representative of the Naqshbandi Sufi path in France.

• Inner life as a resource in the midst of conflict. A meeting with Onjali Rauf, founder and CEO of Making Herstory (UK) and Cécile Roy, director of the “Maison d’Abraham” in Jerusalem

• The service of the poor as a catalyst of friendship and dialogue between Muslims and Christians. Meeting with Victor Brunier and young Muslims participating in Secours Catholique

• Discovering God’s call for our lives: how do we find our path? Meeting with Farhat Yaqoob, Muslim Student Advisor, University of Leeds (UK) and brother of Taizé

• How can we create spaces of friendship and events where people of different religions meet? The story of some examples: Selmeya (Egypt), “Le Café au Féminin” of the Assalam Mosque in Nantes (France), “Together around Mary” (France)

• Cooking workshop with a Shiite, a Sunni, a Western Christian and an Eastern Christian. With Razan Mubarak (Palestine), Malak Rahhal (Lebanon), Abdulsattar Al Mansour (Syria) and brother of Taizé

• The life of God in us. Personal testimony of faith, with Abdelkrim Oussarra, vice-president of “Values and Muslim Spirituality” (France) and young people involved in the Qadiriya Boudchichia Sufi path.

• The Divine Word and Love. Exchange between Bishop Aveline, Catholic Bishop responsible for Interfaith Dialogue (France) and Khaled Roumo, author and poet, member of the Islamo-Christian Friendship Group (France and Syria)

• Women working for their rights: Muslims and Christians tell of their struggles and also some of their successes. Meeting With Onjali Rauf, Founder and CEO of the human rights organisation “Making Herstory” (UK) and Malak Rahhal, Adyan Foundation (Lebanon), and sister Mariam An Nour, Meshref Carmel (Lebanon)

• Tell me about your faith. Fama and Aurore (France), two young women, one Muslim, one Christian, ask each other about their faith.

• Education for peace and citizenship. With Professor Ousama Nabil, Al Azhar University, director of the Al Azhar Observatory for Countering Extremism (Egypt), Huda Nassar, Awareness Foundation (UK and Syria) and Father Christian Delorme (France)

• Cycling for hope, “Together around Mary”, two interfaith experiences (France). Young Christians and Muslims involved in Caritas Youth, cycled together from Paris to Taizé. Muslims and Christians gather and become friends around the person of Mary.

• Hebrew and Arabic poetry intertwine: how, in times of crisis, can we allow beauty and inner life to come to the fore? With Agata Kroh, teacher of Hebrew literature (France/Poland) and Nadia Aljoundi, artist and humanitarian worker (France/Syria)

• God and singing: A Sufi and a Taizé brother speak together about the way they pray. With Abdelhafid Benchouk, representative of the Naqshbandi Sufi path in France

Calligraphie arabe signifiant: "Que la bénédiction de Dieu soit sur vous"

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