Times of prayers at Taizé for Advent and Christmas

Saturday 26 November

At the end of evening prayer, to mark the beginning of Advent, the brothers of the community will go with those who wish to pray by the crib which is being prepared by the roadside outside the church.

Thursdays in Advent

There will be the celebration of the Eucharist every Thursday in Advent (1, 8, 15, 22 December) at 8:30pm.

Saturday 24 December

The Christmas Eve Eucharist will be at 9:00pm, and followed by a light refreshment.

Sunday 25 December

The Eucharist on Christmas Day will be a 10:00am. It will be the last prayer of the year held in the Church of the Reconciliation.

N.B. Between 22 December and 4 January, La Morada will be closed; only the shop will remain open. The youth meetings end on the morning of 22 December and no accommodation will be possible after this.

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