Sending money to Taizé for the meetings

To simplify the welcome when you arrive, you can send us your contribution towards costs in Euros in advance, especially if you are bringing a group.

You can send your contribution by credit card via your registration form through the internet a few days before your arrival. This is the best option for us. If this option is not visible on your registration form, do not hesitate to contact us:

Please note that we cannot make refunds.

If you need a receipt for your accounts, you must ask for this when you have given your whole contribution and not after.

Bank transfers can also be made on the account of l’ASSOCIATION DE L’ACCUEIL A TAIZÉ.
Please put your registration code (not the password) right at the beginning as the reason for the transfer. Otherwise, it will not be possible for us to link the payment to your registration.
BANK ADDRESS: 17, rue Filaterie, B.P. 16, 71250 CLUNY, France
R.I.B. (complete bank account number): 30003 01212 00037260037 75
International identification :
IBAN : FR76 30003 01212 00037260037 75

but it is neither necessary nor desirable to send sums less than €150 in advance. In such cases, please give your contribution when you arrive by credit card or cash.

Other means of contributing exist. Let us know if you need more information.

Printed from: - 29 May 2020
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