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Bóg jest miłością
Taizé – Instrumental 2; (Venite exultemus)
Taizé – Instrumental 2; (Venite exultemus)
Dominus Spiritus est
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Frieden, Frieden
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Jesu redemptor
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental 2
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental 2
L’ajuda vindrà del Senyor
Laudate omnes gentes; Taizé – Instrumental
Laudate omnes gentes; Taizé – Instrumental
Sit nomen Domini
Christe Lux Mundi
Christe Lux Mundi
Sto oko ne vidje
Mane nobiscum
Mane nobiscum
Tu sei sorgente viva
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental
Viešpatie, tu viską žinai
Christe Lux Mundi
Christe Lux Mundi

Albums and tracks to download/buy

The CDs recorded at Taizé are available for legal download from the main digital outlets. They are all listed with the single word “Taizé”, with or without the accent, as the artist name. Click here [http://www.believe.fr/labels/2833,taize.html] for more details.

Prayers in Taizé

A few minutes of prayer with song and a bible verse recorded live in Taizé, France. (Duration: approx 10 mins. Material recorded usually a few days prior to the publishing date.)

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14 November 2018
2018-11-14 Alleluia 17 + Psalm 145 / Mt 18, 1- 10/The kingdom of God/Prayer by Brother Alois/Exaudi orationem meam
7 November 2018
2018-11-07 Alleluia 7 + Psalm 119 / Ep 1, 3- 14/Jésus le Christ/Prayer by Brother Alois/Bless the Lord
31 October 2018
2018-10-31 Alleluia 11 + Psalm 97 / He 13, 1- 8/Gloria, gloria/Prayer by Brother Alois/Jésus ma joie
24 October 2018
2018-10-24 Alleluia 7 + Psalm 73/ Lc 10, 1- 9/Sanasi on lamppu /Prayer by Brother Alois/Surrexit Dominus vere
17 October 2018
2018-10-17 Alleluia 16 + Psalm 48 / Jc 1, 5-18/Veni Lumen (choral) /Prayer by Brother Alois/Behüte mich, Gott

Saturday evening prayer broadcast from Taizé

Every Saturday the evening prayer from Taizé is retransmitted at 22:00 Central European Time (20:00 GMT Apr.-Oct.; 21:00 GMT Nov.-Mar.) on Domradio [http://www.domradio.de/taize], a Catholic radio station in Cologne.

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