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Madrid: After the 41st European Meeting of Young Adults

A few days after the European Meeting, which gathered 15,000 young adults in the Spanish capital, Brother Alois addressed a message of thanks to all those who had helped make the meeting possible. In his message he says, among other things: “I would like to express our deep gratitude for the welcome we have received in your city. This gratitude goes to all those who have opened their doors to host young participants. This includes families, couples, people living alone, sometimes elderly people, parishes and religious communities. Our thanks also go to the leaders of the local Churches, Cardinal Osoro, the bishops, the Metropolitan, priests and pastors, as well as the leaders of the civil authorities, especially Mayor Carmena and the elected representatives of the city and region.”

Several pages have been published since Christmas about the European meeting in Madrid:

Taizé: Death of Brother Thomas

In the night of January 11 to 12, Brother Thomas entered the life of eternity. In recent days, he had been growing weaker, brothers were visiting him all day long, to show their affection, without knowing whether he could still sense their presence or not. The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 12 midday.

Biographical information and a prayer of Brother Alois will be published soon on the Taizé website

Beirut: International Ecumenical Meeting at the end of March

The Madrid meeting was attended by 25 young Egyptian Christians from different parts of the country, as well as a Lebanese delegation comprising 8 members of the organizing committee for the ecumenical international youth meeting to be held in Beirut 22-26 March. These two groups, together with some young adults from Syria and Iraq, led two fine workshops on the theme “The oriental breath: songs and testimonies of Christians from various countries of the Arab world”. On this occasion, several hundred young people of all nationalities were able to discover the dynamism and the faith of these Christians of the Middle East. On 30 December, during the evening prayer, the Lebanese delegation was warmly applauded when Brother Alois mentioned the Lebanon meeting in March.

Reminder: until January 31, 2019, it is still possible for young adults aged between 18 and 35 to register to participate in this international meeting in Beirut which will bring together around 1,500 young people from all over the Middle East and about 300 young people from various European countries.

Panama: Prayers with Taizé songs

Later the month (January 2019), Panama will host the next World Youth Day. As at each of the previous gatherings, the Taizé Community will participate by offering a place of prayer and welcome. Pilgrims who wish can spend a while in contemplative prayer and silence. The prayers with Brother Alois and several other brothers will take place in the church “Templo de la Divina Misericordia” (Via Israel) from Wednesday, January 23 to Friday, January 25.



Jesus Christ, we need a resolute heart to remain faithful to the end. And your gospel shows us the fullness of your love, it is forgiveness, it is inner light.