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Taizé: Autumn on the hill

As every year, the end of October was marked by the influx of thousands of young people, the most numerous being French high school students, accompanied by a dozen bishops. Young people from Sweden, Germany and Spain were also present. Previously, a noteworthy visit was that of the staff of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands, who came to share with the brothers about the welcome and pastoral care of young people.

On the last weekend of October, the Pilgrimage of Trust in Austria brought together more than 600 young people to the city of Graz, including groups from Hungary and Ukraine.

For the last few days, the brothers, the volunteers and the few visitors still present at this quiet time have all been praying in the main part of the Church of Reconciliation. This will be the case until the return of large groups of young people in February. For those who will pass by, the times of common prayers remain unchanged; silent prayer for peace continues every Sunday at 8 pm.

Lyon: the French-Speaking Christian Forum

From October 28-31, the “French-Speaking Christian Forum” was held in Lyon, bringing together 220 Christian leaders of all faiths, including Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. A brother participated in the whole session and Brother Alois gave a meditation during the evening open to all, in the hall of the Catholic University of Lyon.

Madrid: Preparations for the European meeting

The volunteers who are in Madrid to prepare the next European meeting are visiting during these weeks all the parishes of the city, to form in each district a preparation team to look for host families. Thanks to these visits, they also share the life of the people of Madrid and discover signs of hope that will be shared with the participants in the European meeting.

One of the volunteers, Elena from Valencia, Spain, writes: “Yesterday, we visited the organization ‘Abraza Africa’ in Madrid. This project, very humble and simple, welcomes young African immigrants who want to remain in Spain and become part of the society, offering them a place to stay, accompanying them and helping their integration. What touched me the most is that the young Africans really feel like part of the family. They take care of one another, among other things doing the chores around the house. Together with volunteers they take part in sewing and cooking workshops, so that they can learn useful activities that will help them to become more independent. Those who welcome and those who are welcomed give and receive something in a simple manner.”

Locally, in various European cities, groups are preparing to go to Madrid. Here are some ideas to help this preparation of the European meeting.

Brother François (1929-2018)

On Thursday 18 October, during evening prayer, Brother François felt ill. He fell from his chair, unconscious, and was found to have died suddenly. The following Sunday, in the presence of his family from the Netherlands, the brothers and many friends gathered for the celebration of the funeral, during which Brother Alois made memory of his life in a prayer.

An Orthodox Day this Saturday

With the blessing of Bishop Luka, Bishop of the Diocese of Serbia for Western Europe, the brothers of Taizé and the Orthodox Parish of St Césaire and St Marcel of Chalon-sur-Saône organize a day of meetings and conferences which will take place in Taizé on Saturday, November 10, 2018 beginning at 9:30 am. This day will have the theme: “All true prayer comes from our heart.”

Two special events next summer



Holy Spirit, open for us a path of inner freedom. To achieve this, enable us to abandon ourselves to a humble prayer and, through it, to entrust to you our expectations and our hopes.